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Looking At The Various BBQ Brushes

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It’s pretty straightforward, right? The best grill brush is the one you pick up where ever you see one on display, a couple of bucks and that’s all you need. You can buy them any place during summer that has a makeshift barbecue display, whether it’s the big box store, gas station or dollar bin at some other random outlet. Why worry about it?

Well, for one, safety. Obviously, a clean grill is going to help get rid of any leftover food gunk, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. But more importantly, cheap brushes fall apart, leaving more serious things behind (which we’ll get into further down the page). And of course, there’s the money saved from buying the right brush first. Yeah, grill brushes are only a few bucks to begin with, but if you have to replace them a couple of times a year it adds up. It also adds up in terms of the energy spent in cleaning your grill.

Whether it’s cheap plastic that melts easily or crappy bristles that don’t get into all the nooks and crannies, the harder you have to work that brush, the quicker it’s going to fall apart. This makes cleaning your grill seem like a chore when it should really only take a few seconds. Starting to make more sense?

Here’s a list of grill brushes that include a couple of standards, as well as some cooler innovations to recently hit the barbecue accessories market. Most of them come with some pretty good warranties as well, which should give you piece of mind. And with the quality standards, you’ll have a cleaner grill and more time to enjoy your cook-out.

Best Grill Brushes Quick List

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Weber 3-Sided Grill Brush Prices & Reviews
Texas Brush Horseshoe Grill Brush Prices & Reviews
The Grillinator Prices & Reviews
Qually United Stainless Steel Grill Brush Prices & Reviews
Alpha Grillers Triple-Head BBQ Brush Prices & Reviews
Cave Tools Rust-Proof Grill Brush Prices & Reviews
Brushtech Double Helix Prices & Reviews
CharGon Wireless BBQ Brush Prices & Reviews
Grill Floss Prices & Reviews

Weber Grill Brushes

weber grill brush, bamboo bbq brush, best grill brush, brass bristles

Weber Bamboo

This brush is a standard in BBQ maintenance. Like all Weber products, they’re well built and this particular tool features rust-proof, brass bristles for cleaning and a bamboo handle with a leather strap for hanging. It also has a scraper for getting the tougher messes at harder to reach angles, adding for versatility that can be used on any of the various grill types.

weber t-brush

Weber 3-Sided Grill Brush

These triangular shaped grill cleaners are commonly called “t-brushes.” The bristle design and shape of the brush work well to clean your grill in a regular forward motion, or turn it sideways to get in between individual spaces. The 21″ handle with rawhide strap is easy to grip and works well to get further back on your grates. The bristles are stainless steel and are quite durable.

Stainless Steel Grill Brushes

texas brush, horseshoe grill brush, stainless steel bbq brush

Texas Brush Horseshoe Grill Brush

Everything’s bigger in Texas and this brush is no exception. The handle is two-feet long and is made out of a durable powder-coated steel. The wood used in the replaceable heads are chosen from trees in Gadsden, Alabama and have to go through quality control before they even used on any of these grill cleaners.

There’s even a bigger 4-foot model (yes 4-feet) in case you grill dinosaurs on the weekend, but for most, the two-foot model should do. These definitely come in handy for those with longer pits (dino jokes aside) or ranch-sized kettle grills.

grillinator, best grill brush

The Grillinator

For such a heavy duty grill brush, it’s got serious value. “Grillin And Chillin” was started by a group of guys who love being around their grills but were tired of some of the cheaper, less dependable BBQ accessories on the market.

This led to the development of The Grillinator, a tool which they dubbed the ultimate grill brush. In terms of build quality, it has a lifetime guaranteed, reinforced stainless steel shaft, with a contoured grip for better handling.

The bristles are secured by tightly-bound metal spindles for a safer brush. But where they take it up a notch is the multi-directional combo of large and small bristles with front and back spindles for a deeper clean. The brush heads are also replaceable.

Bonus points for being an independent company, you’re getting a product from fellow grillers who know what it’s like to get a product that doesn’t live up to the hype. That’s why they keep their support lines open to make sure we’re happy with their products. Definitely worth checking out.

Triple-Head Grill Brushes

qually grill brush, best bbq brushes

Qually United Stainless Steel Grill Brush

The three-headed BBQ brush design is great for getting a better clean in harder to reach spots. With some triangle designs, you may find it a bit tedious if you have to turn the brush sideways to get some of the more stubborn build ups. With this angled setup and extra brush heads, it eliminates half the work.

The Qually is first on our list of these brush types, and its a very popular make due to the build quality and long bristles that extend its cleaning power. The woven steel wire won’t scratch your grill surface either.

alpha grillers grill brush

Alpha Grillers Triple-Head BBQ Brush

The Alpha Griller BBQ Cleaner is a brush that is 18″ in length and boasts a six-times reinforced handle to keep it from bending no matter how hard you get in there to clean your grill. Realistically, with regular maintenance and proper pre-heating of your grill before every clean, you shouldn’t have to work that hard to get it clean, but it’s nice to know this company is ensuring a quality build.

This BBQ brush comes with a one-year, unconditional 100% money back guarantee. With this handle design, you won’t have to worry anyway.

cave tools rust proof grill brush

Cave Tools Rust-Proof Grill Brush

With a 100% rust-proof design, this Cave Tools design has been battle tested against the elements and can be left outside year-round. With a strength clip for the durability of its three-headed design, it also has a high-count stainless-steel bristle design for added safety.

No brush lasts forever, but they do back this tool with a “lifetime satisfaction guarantee.” So even with its inexpensive, easily replaceable price point, you still have the option of returning it at any time if you’re unhappy with it.

As an added bonus, it also comes with a collection of recipes with step by step directions and tutorials to help get your grill on. A little unusual to be paired with a brush, but hey, we’ll take it.

► Grill Brush Danger ◀︎

Harmful If Swallowed. Use A Safe Grill Brush!

Wait, someone swallowed a grill brush? No, not the whole brush (we hope!). A few years back, the CDC issued a warning on swallowing BBQ brush bristles. It’s not something many people would think of, and it’s very rare, but freak accidents do occur. This doesn’t mean your grill brush is an accident waiting to happen, it just means that you should skip the bargain brand and look for something more solid and reputable. Even really good brushes are cheap enough that you should consider your health before price tag.

For a safe grill brush alternative, there’s always these.

A Grill Brush Without Bristles

bristle free grill brush, safe grill brush

Brushtech Double Helix

This Brushtec feature’s the typical t-brush design, but instead of bristles, it utilizes a spring wire design to mold to the contours of your grill. It comes in different handle sizes depending on your needs and is a safe alternative to traditional BBQ brushes.

It should be noted that these bristle free tools take a little bit more elbow grease, but If you regularly brush your grill (which you should anyway) it won’t take as much energy as some would think.

Grill Scrapers

chargon grill brush scraper

CharGon Wireless BBQ Brush

If you have round grill rods, you can forget the brush altogether and use a scraper. Like the Brushtec, they require more work but this will probably do the most thorough job. By rotating the cleaner a quarter-turn, to clean top, sides and bottom of your grates without having to lift them from the grill.

While it may take a little more energy to get your grates clean, these scrapers are easier to keep clean than grill brushes. Made from stainless steel with a rosewood handle, they’re dishwasher safe and durable against the elements.

grillfloss, bristle free grill brush, scraper

Grill Floss

Same idea as the Chargon, only this BBQ scraper has a dual-sized, replaceable head for getting at grates with large or small rods. It’s 20″ long to help reach all areas of your grill and is made from stainless steel for longevity. Do remember, both the GrillFloss and Chargon brands are only made for round grill grates.

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